Saturday, 9 November 2013

Free Ravelry Pattern's to Take Advantage Of

When looking at patterns, the thing I look for first, is price! These patterns are all completely free (not including yarn and such of course) and so they are definitely worth a go. I find that most free patterns are either hideous or too basic and so hopefully I can manage to find a few good'ns to share with you.

Non Felted Slippers- Slippers seem like a great thing to knit, easier than a sock I would say yet just as toastie! I will definately check these out, you should too! (That colour combo is also a good choice)
Wellenbaktus- There are so many scarves out there on the internet but this one stood out. Perfect for this weather (especially with them colours too!)

Eleventh Hour Blanket- Simple yet oh so lovely, I think it may be down to the mustardy and creamy combo but this blanket is just great.

Fox Scarf- You can't go wrong with a fox scarf, I love the fun modernised idea of it. Looks simple enough!

Array cowl- I love the colour combination it makes a simple cowl look great!
Acorn Ornament- Ok a bit different to my other choices but I could not resist! Autumn is just wonderful mostly because of the orange hues, these are pretty simple to make and you could use them for all kinds of crafts!

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