Monday, 18 November 2013

Festive Knits!
It may not be December yet, but with Christmas present making and prep work its good to get started early on some of your festive knits. There were quite a few knitting projects so I have a separate post for other Christmas crafts coming up later this week.

Luxury Holiday Garland-My favourite garland of the bunch, the colours are subtle and not tacky christmas, it could be used all year round even. 

Christmas Lights-I am all about the garlands this year clearly, 3 are on this list! So simple yet effective, these babies are great!

Christmas Pud!-This pud man, how have i never knit a ball before? These would make lovely decorations
Holly Wreath- I absolutely love wreathes and whats better than a knitted one?! Thinking about giving this one a go
Santa Clothesline- The pattern isn't available any more but how cute is this garland, i'm sure you could make up your own way of making it too!

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  1. The Santa's wardrobe pattern is available in Canada, or someone in Ravelry adapted another pattern: