Thursday, 21 November 2013

Granny Square Goodies
I've got granny square fever, and really need to get my hands on some suitable coloured yarns, my mum is a midwife and said I could make some blankets for the babies! But whilst thats all easy peasy, I really want to make some different things sooo here are some ideas.

Tea Cosy- What a lovely idea! I do love my tea and a tea cosy is the perfect use for granny squares.
Guitar Strap- Of course it would have to be reinforced with fabric, but I quite like this idea. I would totally make it for a gift if it were more masculine..
Granny Square Slippers!- They are almost elf like, I neeeed to make some. Pretty simple by the looks of it too!
Christmas Stocking- I so badly wanted to knit a stocking, but the thought of making a sock is terrifying to me,these are a perfect way around it. Oh so festive.
Dress!- The original link isn't even available anymore but oh my goodness. I would wear this every day.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Festive Knits!
It may not be December yet, but with Christmas present making and prep work its good to get started early on some of your festive knits. There were quite a few knitting projects so I have a separate post for other Christmas crafts coming up later this week.

Luxury Holiday Garland-My favourite garland of the bunch, the colours are subtle and not tacky christmas, it could be used all year round even. 

Christmas Lights-I am all about the garlands this year clearly, 3 are on this list! So simple yet effective, these babies are great!

Christmas Pud!-This pud man, how have i never knit a ball before? These would make lovely decorations
Holly Wreath- I absolutely love wreathes and whats better than a knitted one?! Thinking about giving this one a go
Santa Clothesline- The pattern isn't available any more but how cute is this garland, i'm sure you could make up your own way of making it too!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Felted Animals
Oh my goodness, I just found this amazing etsy shop! DarialVovsky is full of wonderful felted animals and other bits and bobs. The animals really stood out to me, they are oh so realistic!

Oh my goodness they are just so lovely, that texture!!!!!

If I could afford such a thing I would fill my home with em, I will just have to have a go at making some myself aye! (eek)
Crafty Wants!
Felting Kit- Felting is something I reaally want to have a go at and there are tons of kits out there (I linked a random ebay one but the one pictured is from here) I shall deffo buy it once I get money! By looking around I have found the basics but I really want as many colours as possible.
Wand Crochet Hook- I love the idea of a wand hook, its just lovely looking! I linked the shop, there are tons of other styles.

Silk Cocoon Pods- Ok not specifically crafty but it fits in perfectly well with my art project..

Straw Fascination Bases- I love me a good fascinator and making my own would be great, definitely interested in these!

Crystals- Quartz is just so versatile and I really want to have a go making jewellery out of em, there is so much overpriced stuff out there!

Spindle Kit- I find the whole process of spinning so interesting and I love finding out where my crafts come from. Definitely would love having a go at this.
Dreamy Knits
(crochet too)
Quite simple patterns which make fabulous things!
 Most of these are off of Ravelry of course, the knitting heaven.

Eder Yoke- Dayum, this crochet pattern is so simple yet so effective. I love the colour gradient! Maybe once i've nailed the art of crochet I can do thiss.

Moko-Moko Cowl- It looks like it would be a simple enough pattern but that texture and tension of fabric looks real professional. The colours used in the examples are perfect!

Granny Ripple Blanket- I know its oh so popular so here's some help! Check out verypink's video for help here if ya want it. This is my crochet aims, I would love me one of these.
Bulky Mountains- I'm a sucker for some good pillow's and these are just lovely, them colours too! Crochet too, knitting it would be easy peasy though.

Tuesday, 12 November 2013


Ok so crochet has been hard for me to get my head around for yearsssss but it's always been a dream. The freedom crochet gives you has always been appealing and I finally decided I am going to learn no matter what.. and guess who sussed in within an hour!
I loved it so much that I spent the rest of the day making granny squares!

Daang, who knew they could be so fun. Once i had it figured out they took no time at all. (Don't  question my colour choices, its the only mix of yarns i had that were similar) That brown yarn though is lovely, it has hints of blue in it! I shall definitely keep crocheting and try out new stuff! 

Monday, 11 November 2013

Great Etsy Shops 
Full of Knitted Goodies

I have always been an admirer of this etsy store, not only is it full of original idea's, but its all so stylish too!

This store is pretty basic but its run by a lovely lady who crochet's and knits too!

Onana Knits
This store recently caught my eye, there are so many mug cosy's out there but these ones had a real personal touch

Royal Windsor Knits
Another simply stylish store with lovely coloured yarns

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Previous Knitting Projects

First of all i apologise for the gross photo's however since these have been given away, I cant reshoot them to make em look decent!

1- Long green wrap around cowl- I made it for a friend using simple garter stitch and a chunky yarn
2- Purple cowl- This is basically a larger one of the green cowl, I found that the yarn was too heavy for this design and I really cant believe I spent time on this..
3-My first ever semi successful hat- A hat isn't quite a hat without some ribbing but it was great practice for knitting in the round
4- Strand Scarf- This was a gift for my sister, basic stitch yet i used strands to build up a scarf

Its time to get away from that awful garter stitch!

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Free Ravelry Pattern's to Take Advantage Of

When looking at patterns, the thing I look for first, is price! These patterns are all completely free (not including yarn and such of course) and so they are definitely worth a go. I find that most free patterns are either hideous or too basic and so hopefully I can manage to find a few good'ns to share with you.

Non Felted Slippers- Slippers seem like a great thing to knit, easier than a sock I would say yet just as toastie! I will definately check these out, you should too! (That colour combo is also a good choice)
Wellenbaktus- There are so many scarves out there on the internet but this one stood out. Perfect for this weather (especially with them colours too!)

Eleventh Hour Blanket- Simple yet oh so lovely, I think it may be down to the mustardy and creamy combo but this blanket is just great.

Fox Scarf- You can't go wrong with a fox scarf, I love the fun modernised idea of it. Looks simple enough!

Array cowl- I love the colour combination it makes a simple cowl look great!
Acorn Ornament- Ok a bit different to my other choices but I could not resist! Autumn is just wonderful mostly because of the orange hues, these are pretty simple to make and you could use them for all kinds of crafts!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Previous Embroidery Projects

Apologies for the webcam shots! I can't reshoot them because I have given them away!
1- Skyrim- This is where i learnt to always USE AN EMBROIDERY HOOP, I mean come on Nancy, talk about rookie mistake! However once placed in a frame it flattened out nicely.
2-Brains- Pretty simple I have no idea where I got the idea from
3-LOTR- This is my pride and joy, I worked so hard on it, making sure everything was perfect and the colours work nicely. I love how it turned out but I question my use of the frame..
4- A.E- This was for my friend Alice, pretty simple, I think i traced the flower pattern onto the material
5- Minecraft- This is me and my friend on Minecraft. This is another project that took pretty long but it was simple due to the straight edges
6- Octopus- This was a random one, but simple filling in
7- Flowers- This was a long term project which i went back to a few times,  still incomplete somewhere!

I tend to sew more than anything as it allows me to experiment tons and I have enough embroidery thread to sew a life size england!