Friday, 27 December 2013

Sorry I haven't posted in so long!! I've been working two jobs and of course Christmas! Been focussing a lot on crochet this Christmas and got tons of inspo from tiny owl knits book you all should definitely check it out! Merry Christmas everyone and a happy new year, (apologies if this looks messy I'm posting from my iPad aha)

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Pillar Lace Stitch

I've only really just started adventuring into other stitches than garter stitch, don't ask me why, I have just always found them intimidating.  But I have been branching out and started off with Pillar Lace Stitch. I liked the look of this stitch because of the simplicity and also because of the holes!

Here's a link to a tutorial on how to do it, its pretty easy. (It's similar to the Garter Stitch Ladders Stitch)

Cast-on a multiple of 3 stitches, plus 2
Row 1 (WS): Purl across all stitches
Row 2: K1, *YO, slip 1 stitch purlwise, K2, pass slipped stitch over the two knit stitches*, repeat between *s to last stitch, K1
Work to desired length, and bind-off purl-wise on wrong side of work

The only i had with this pattern was working on different sides of my work! I kept flipping sides so my overall finished cowl has an uneven pattern on each side which is extremely annoying. I know exactly where I went wrong though, its down to my tension not being write when I finish a row, so I shan't be doing that again!

This is my finished product,  although done lazily and messy I found that the pattern itself was easy to do. The cowl could have done with some major blocking though!

November Crafts

This month has really got me back into crafts, I have learnt to crochet, started Christmas gifts and had time for school work! I haven't particularly completed many projects this month but man have I started some.
Dishcloth- My first ever dishcloth! Its definitely not perfect but I made it all in one day and am pretty impressed at how simple it was to make. Would definitely make em again, even though I probably wont ever use it......

Giant Granny Square Pillow- My main project for the end of this month is this pillow I've made for my friend's birthday. I crochet both sides sewed them together and made the padding inside from an old pillow case and wadding. I'm quite proud of this lil' thing.
 New Granny Square Project- I have found this yarn shop right near my house! Its all mainly acrylics but that means cheap cheap cheap! Bought some purples and a black for a granny square project, a pillow most likely (I love them too) or even a cardigan depending on how much yarn I have.
Granny Square Half Blanket- My mum suggested I make some blankets for babies in her work for photo's yet I ran out of this yarn....
 Another New Project- I found this yarn in John Lewis and almost passed out, 100% wool and barely 100g costing nearly £9 but DANG that colour. It was just so gorgeous. So I'm hoping to make something great out of it but I am so indicicive it will take a while for me to make my mind up. I was thinking them great mountain pillows i posted earlier?
Elytra Beatle Wings!- Something not yarn based! Got these babies for around £8 (for 200) mostly for my art which I'm doing at the moment looking at insects but due to the sheer amount I plan on making some simple jewellery (a great Christmas gift I think)

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Granny Square Goodies
I've got granny square fever, and really need to get my hands on some suitable coloured yarns, my mum is a midwife and said I could make some blankets for the babies! But whilst thats all easy peasy, I really want to make some different things sooo here are some ideas.

Tea Cosy- What a lovely idea! I do love my tea and a tea cosy is the perfect use for granny squares.
Guitar Strap- Of course it would have to be reinforced with fabric, but I quite like this idea. I would totally make it for a gift if it were more masculine..
Granny Square Slippers!- They are almost elf like, I neeeed to make some. Pretty simple by the looks of it too!
Christmas Stocking- I so badly wanted to knit a stocking, but the thought of making a sock is terrifying to me,these are a perfect way around it. Oh so festive.
Dress!- The original link isn't even available anymore but oh my goodness. I would wear this every day.

Monday, 18 November 2013

Festive Knits!
It may not be December yet, but with Christmas present making and prep work its good to get started early on some of your festive knits. There were quite a few knitting projects so I have a separate post for other Christmas crafts coming up later this week.

Luxury Holiday Garland-My favourite garland of the bunch, the colours are subtle and not tacky christmas, it could be used all year round even. 

Christmas Lights-I am all about the garlands this year clearly, 3 are on this list! So simple yet effective, these babies are great!

Christmas Pud!-This pud man, how have i never knit a ball before? These would make lovely decorations
Holly Wreath- I absolutely love wreathes and whats better than a knitted one?! Thinking about giving this one a go
Santa Clothesline- The pattern isn't available any more but how cute is this garland, i'm sure you could make up your own way of making it too!

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Felted Animals
Oh my goodness, I just found this amazing etsy shop! DarialVovsky is full of wonderful felted animals and other bits and bobs. The animals really stood out to me, they are oh so realistic!

Oh my goodness they are just so lovely, that texture!!!!!

If I could afford such a thing I would fill my home with em, I will just have to have a go at making some myself aye! (eek)
Crafty Wants!
Felting Kit- Felting is something I reaally want to have a go at and there are tons of kits out there (I linked a random ebay one but the one pictured is from here) I shall deffo buy it once I get money! By looking around I have found the basics but I really want as many colours as possible.
Wand Crochet Hook- I love the idea of a wand hook, its just lovely looking! I linked the shop, there are tons of other styles.

Silk Cocoon Pods- Ok not specifically crafty but it fits in perfectly well with my art project..

Straw Fascination Bases- I love me a good fascinator and making my own would be great, definitely interested in these!

Crystals- Quartz is just so versatile and I really want to have a go making jewellery out of em, there is so much overpriced stuff out there!

Spindle Kit- I find the whole process of spinning so interesting and I love finding out where my crafts come from. Definitely would love having a go at this.