Sunday, 17 November 2013

Crafty Wants!
Felting Kit- Felting is something I reaally want to have a go at and there are tons of kits out there (I linked a random ebay one but the one pictured is from here) I shall deffo buy it once I get money! By looking around I have found the basics but I really want as many colours as possible.
Wand Crochet Hook- I love the idea of a wand hook, its just lovely looking! I linked the shop, there are tons of other styles.

Silk Cocoon Pods- Ok not specifically crafty but it fits in perfectly well with my art project..

Straw Fascination Bases- I love me a good fascinator and making my own would be great, definitely interested in these!

Crystals- Quartz is just so versatile and I really want to have a go making jewellery out of em, there is so much overpriced stuff out there!

Spindle Kit- I find the whole process of spinning so interesting and I love finding out where my crafts come from. Definitely would love having a go at this.

1 comment:

  1. I have the green hiltopcloud spinning kit. It is amazing!! I think I've spun every week since I bought it. Spinning is very zen once you've got the hang of it.